Logistics Support Teams

Minto Development Corporation provides year-round wilderness safety and field logistics support teams for oil, gas, and mineral exploration in Alaska:

  • Cultural Advisors
  • Wilderness Guides / Bear Guards
  • Snowmachine / ATV / Riverboat drivers
  • Site Security
  • Equipment, and more
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HSE Training

We've been training our crews, we can help you train yours. We provide Health Safety Environment (HSE) training that includes:

  • Safety Management
  • Job Hazards
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Bear Guard Procedures
  • Hazard Communications
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Project specifics
  • and more
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Tene Hut'aane LLC, member

Tene Hut'aane is pronounced, "TEN-uh Hut-ANN-uhn," meaning, "Trail People" in Interior Alaska Athabascan, consists of four Village Corporations:

  • Minto Development Corporation (Minto)
  • Toghotthele Corporation (Nenana)
  • Dinyea Corporation (Stevens Village), and
  • Bean Ridge Corporation (Manley)

Tene Projects, LLC is pursuing contracting, including 8(a) and Mentor Protégé relationships. Tene Technologies, LLC is pursuing Commercial Multi-Use and Energy projects.

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Since 1993

Committed to Profitable Growth


Minto Development Corporation, or MDC, is committed to grow with innovative, profitable, and diversified products and services that are breaking trail for future generations of shareholders in a global marketplace.

MDC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Seth-De-Ya-Ah Corporation, which was formed by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) that Congress passed in 1971. Seth-De-Ya-Ah Corporation is the Village corporation for the federally recognized village of Minto, Alaska.

MDC is constantly looking for ways to generate revenue in commercial ventures that will provide our shareholders a direct or indirect benefit in work-force development in order to nurture a vibrant, healthy, and economically connected and self-reliant community for future generations.

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